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Natural Rose Quartz Hi-Vibration Kriya Mala Rosary, 108 Beads, Freshwater Pearl Counters


Rose Quartz Kriya mala with Fresh water pearls

6 to 7 mm Natural beads




Kriya Mala 108 Beads with every 12th bead being a Freshwater Pearl counter bead.

This hand-knotted mala is a beautiful addition to your spiritual practices. It also helps raise the vibrations of the body when worn or actively used during meditation, pranayam or japa.

General Benefits of Rose Quartz--
Love, emotional healing, helps relationships, compassion.

**Note--Natural item, actual product sent may sightly vary in color from the sample pictures shown, and also due to differences in on-screen resolutions.
Bead size: 6 to 8 mm approx
Mala length- 16 to 18 inches approx. (double strand, including tassel)

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Natural Gemstones
Kriya Mala
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Natural Gemstones
Kriya Mala
High Vibration Healing