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  • Man's Eternal Quest
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    Price ₹175.00

    Man's Eternal Quest

    Man’s Eternal Quest is a book about God: about God’s place in man’s life; in his hopes, will, aspirations, accomplishments. Life, man, achievement — all are but manifestations of the one omnipresent Creator, as inseparably dependent on Him as the wave is dependent on the ocean. Paramahansa Yogananda explains why and how man was created by God, and how he is immutably a part of God, and what this means to each one personally. Realization of the oneness of man and his Creator is the whole essence of Yoga. An understanding of man’s inescapable need for God, in every aspect of living, removes the otherworldliness from religion and makes knowing God the basis of a scientific and practical approach to life.

  • Metaphysical Meditations
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    Price ₹25.00

    Metaphysical Meditations

    This little book offers definite metaphysical methods of meditation for the student who has struggled through the mobs of rowdy thoughts and is entering the portals of silence.

    The meditations are of three types: prayers or demands addressed to God, affirmations about God, and affirmations arousing the divinity inherent in individual consciousness.

    Beginners and experienced meditators alike can use these spiritualized thoughts to awaken the boundless joy, peace, and freedom of the soul.

    • Features more than 300 uplifting meditations, prayers, affirmations, and visualizations.
    • Offers introductory instructions on how to meditate.
    • Affirmations on devotion and worship
    • Affirmations on meditations on God
    • Affirmations on expansion of consciousness
    • Affirmations on material concerns
    • Affirmations on self-improvement
    • Christmas meditations
  • Holy Science
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    Price ₹75.00

    Holy Science

  • Mejda
    • New
    Price ₹90.00



    A delightful and absorbing biography — written from the author’s unique perspective as a younger brother of Paramahansa Yogananda, whom he affectionately called “Mejda” — the Bengali term for one’s second eldest brother. It provides an intimate account of the early years of one of the great spiritual leaders of our time.

  • The Divine Romance
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    Price ₹175.00

    The Divine Romance

    Paramahansa Yogananda’s Collected Talks and Essays present in-depth discussions of the vast range of inspiring and universal truths that have captivated millions in his Autobiography of a Yogi.
    The Divine Romance includes nearly fifty talks and essays by Paramahansa Yogananda. Readers will find these talks alive with the unique blend of all-embracing wisdom, encouragement, and love for humanity that have made the author one of our era’s most trusted guides to the spiritual life.
  • God Alone
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    Price ₹90.00

    God Alone

    "God Alone" was the motto and lifelong ideal of Sri Gyanamata, one of the most spiritually advanced disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda. After her passing, he said, "A great saint has gone away. But she has left spiritual footprints here forever". Whether writing on the ways of feeling God's presence, the right attitude toward spiritual discipline or the tests of faith and the rest of suffering, she imparts the essential truth or lesson in each circumstance. In addition to her letters, this book contains a detailed account of her life, letters written to her by Paramahansa Yogananda and excerpts from her personal diary.

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